"We are near the heart of the campus, and the campus is in our heart."

Our church started in College Park in 1988. Due to our proximity to the University of Maryland, we have a special heart for students and young professionals. We like to go back to basics, the simple gospel based on the Bible. We love to see more people share the blessing of the gospel. You are welcome to explore with us how the Bible can be relevant to your life as well.

Pastor Samuel To
Worship Hours 主日崇拜:
Mandarin Service 國語: 9:45am
Cantonese Service 粵語: 9:45am
English Service 英語: 11:15am
Sunday School Hours 主日學:
Mandarin 國語: 11:15am
Cantonese 粵語: 11:15am
English 英語: 9:45am
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