Church Directory Update

  • In the past year, if you have moved, gotten married, had a new baby, become a new church member, or  have been coming to our church regularly, please fill out the “Church Directory Update” form below to have your information posted in the church directory.
  • We will provide one copy of Church Directory per family unit whose name is in the directory.
  • Photo service will not be provided due to facility lockdown.


  • 在過去這一年, 如果你搬家、結婚生子、成為本堂的新會員、或經常在本教會聚會,  請填寫通訊錄更新表格.
  • 通訊錄上有名字的單位可拿到一本通訊錄.
  • 由於教堂關閉, 同工無法提供照相服務.

2020-2021 Church Directory

If you use NON-Gmail account, please fill out the form to submit your contact info. and send your photo to

If you use Gmail account, please fill out the form (Google sign-in required) to submit your contact info and upload your photo.