What is it? Chinese newspaper with useful info about American society, life smart tips, health info, leisure reading and more. Gospel message, Christian values and testimonies appears between the lines and are also found in different columns on the paper.

Why? When there is a clear way to save cost in this interconnected world today but some Christians out there are still dedicated to the traditional way of news searching, organizing and editing columns, printing them out and distribute it, there is a timeless quality to a printed text which people can feel and read without a battery. When we know this is also a ministry for the sake of God’s Kingdom, we really should look at how to best make it known. A lot of work has been done, we are only doing the last part, which is to make it available in our local communities. A disciple is a channel of blessing, it’s only our nature to share and spread the best news, or thing, there is in the whole wide world. We have heard from the chairman of Herald firsthand in our annual retreat in 2018 about how much work, prayers, fear, money, faith and labor are put in to produce this monthly publication. How their organization has been using this way to sustain lives of their workers, using the product to bless Chinese readers. We are grateful to be a part of this channel.

The deeper meaning: When we help distributing the newspaper to different restaurants, grocery stores or community centers, we are part of this channel to share the Gospel through sharing our resources. We hope people can get closer and closer to Christ after reading the materials. We should also think actively about how to better allocate the resources as well as getting more involved than just distribution. We exercise our loyalty to serve our local church and nurture Gospel-sharing mentality at the same time.

About the organization? CCHC in NYC produces Herald, which is a monthly Chinese newspapers with a lot of useful information and Christian value in their columns, to serve the Chinese community in the east coast. Our church has been supporting them through subscribing to their newspapers and distributing them in the area. For more info, please visit their website: http://cchc-herald.org/us/  and facebook: https://www.facebook.com/heraldmonthly/.