Where is Offering Going?

Whether you are a long time church member or a newcomer, you may have wondered on some Sundays, “Where is my offering going?” “How is offering being used in our church?” You know that it is going to “further God’s kingdom,” but maybe you don’t know the specifics.

In the few paragraphs below, we hope to explain the specifics of offering. Know that at the end of each year, church members vote to approve the budget, so as a member it is helpful to be informed about this subject.

As church members we should not give out of duty, but we give because God has given us everything we own. God is good to us and we give knowing that he always provides. In fact, the money we hold onto so dearly is actually God’s money. Ultimately we want to put his money to good use. As a church member, we also want to help maintain our church building and the ministries that our church is involved in.

Michelle Singletary, the Washington Post columnist (The Color of Money) wrote a book from a Christian perspective called The Power to Prosper.  In this book, Singletary mentions that “often when you grow up poor or low-income, you worry so much about having enough money that you may not give as much as you could or should (Singletary, p.51).”  After much prayer, Singletary realized that her fears about tithing were “grounded in [her] lack of faith,” (p.51).  How does your giving relate to how much you trust God?  Just some food for thought.

Here are some facts to help you learn more about how giving back can “further God’s kingdom.”

1. General Fund 

This fund is used for church operation costs and for most of our departments, including ministry, education, finance, service, secretary, worship, evangelism, and fellowship. This fund pays for the upkeep of the church. Just like you have to pay the bills at home, the church has to pay for the lights, the air conditioning, the forks you use for lunch, the secretary, pastoral staff and all the supplies/equipment used for each ministry and department.  (As members, we are presented with the budget at the end of the year and we approve this through as vote.)

2. Building Fund

The greatest need for our church is basically in the area of the General Fund and the Building Fund.  The name of this fund speaks for itself. As you can imagine, building a new building will cost a lot of money.  Our hope is that we do not need to borrow a lot of money for the bank.

3. Caring Fund 

The caring fund is usually used for condolences. The use of this fund is held to the discretion of the Caring Committee. Through this fund, CBCCP is able to provide help for members during difficult times.

4. Scholarship Fund

Did you know that our church has an scholarship fund? The Scholarship fund is used to support our church members who are enrolled in bible colleges and seminaries. Members who get  partial support from CBCCP must also be approved.

5. Missions Fund

The missions fund is basically used to support our overseas missionaries on a regular basis (like monthly support).  Sometimes, particularly during summer, our church has some short term mission trips (like the NY VBS, Venezula etc.) and the mission department will receive offerings for these specific STM trips.  Those specified donations are pooled together and are used to subsidize the people going on these STM trips.